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Windows index: 6.5 / 6.5 / 5.6 / 6.3 / 5.9. I did look and it's not there. Q-fan was different than Cool and Quiet. I even had it beore in my M2V-TVM but now no more possible to download. C&Q is for the speed that cpu is using at the moment. Q-Fan gives you the speed of the fan and regulate it through windows. The Asus P5GD2 can support the new Intel PWM format, 'CPU Q-FAN Mode'. It is designed for the new fans that seperate the fan's coils from the coil control circuits and the RPM sensing circuits. This allows the fan to report back an accurate RPM signal because that circuit is. Cpu fan step down is just the same. On cpu fan profile select manual and enter your speed. 20% is the lowest you can select. However ive found that it requires a few reboots sometimes to apply correctly. (on my M8F it works perfectly fine, on my R5E it requries some reboots for example) 11:29 PM #7.

Fan control for ASUS devices running Linux.

In default, some ASUS devices running Linux control their system fans inappropriately. Typical symptoms include:

  • Running fans even when not under any load
  • Not running fans under load appropriately
  • Spinning up fans in short performance peaks

Asus-fan-control solves the problems above and even more. Tested devices with links to their first testers:


Your device is not in the table yet? Take a look at file and you can easily add it yourself.

Table of Contents

  • Install
  • Usage



  • systemd suite
  • acpi_call module (see below)

Using GitPack

Asus-fan-control supports GitPack. Global installation/update:

If your system has APT, GitPack will install acpi_call automatically.

From AUR

We have an AUR package available. Global installation/update:

For AUR installations, enable running asus-fan-control automatically:


Asus-fan-control does not run in the background (i.e., it is not a daemon process). It is executed automatically whenever necessary (e.g., on OS boots) to keep the effect of a permanent change. It is also possible to invoke it manually as shown below:

It uses custom temperatures if previously set, otherwise the default temperatures are used.

Custom Temperatures

The fan speed policy is usually defined by 8 increasing numbers representing temperature boundaries in degrees Celsius between individual fan speed levels. E.g., UX430UA's default temperatures are 55 60 62 65 68 72 76 80 as shown:

Speed levelTemperature (C°)
0 (off)54 and less
155 to 59
260 to 61
362 to 64
465 to 67
568 to 71
672 to 75
776 to 79
8 (max)80 and more

To use your custom temperatures, use the set-temps command. For example:


Did you know that asus-fan-control has a graphical user interface extension? Visit afc-gui for more details.

Asus q fan 2 download free

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Building a quiet performing system with ASUS Tools
The Asus ASUS AI Life Style motherboards features some neat tools like Ai quiet and Q-fan2, even a 8-phase power design. For me these are important options as I am trying to build a quiet system without compromising in the systems performance. However, not all of the options are included on all of the ASUS motherboards.
Question 1 (general best noise reduction tool)
Q1 So my first question is which of these options (see quotes for more info) will contribute the most to building a quiet system? Note: tools like Ai gear are of less relevance to me. I am only interested in tools that regulate the voltages etc. automatically, which is not the case with Ai-gear.
Question 2 to 4(Ai Quiet)
AI Quiet
The ASUS AI Quiet function dynamically controls CPU speed and reduces temperature and fan speeds when peace and quiet are what you desire.

Q2 If some of the Ai lifestyle serie owners could provide me with a little more information on HOW Ai quiet works I would be very pleased. The information about Ai quiet on the net is somewhat scarce.
Q3 Could someone clarify what is meant with 'dynamically controls CPU'? Does it mean that it continuously AND automatically adjust the RPM of the CPU / case fan or does it regulate the fanspeed in like 3 steps (slow-medium-full)?
Q 4
Is Q-fan2 (always) included in Ai Quiet?
DownloadQuestion 5 (Q-fan2)
ASUS Q-Fan2 technology intelligently adjusts both CPU fan and chassis fan speeds according to system loading to ensure quiet, cool and efficient operation.
Q 5 (Q-fan2) In how many phases can Q-fan speed up or slow down a fan and can you manually set the thresholds?
8 Phase Power Design
* Cooler and quieter system
* Longer components lifespan
* More stable and reliable under heavy-loading and overclocking
The ASUS 8-Phase Power Design provides highly efficient operation to generate less heat (at least 15°C (59°F)) than other conventional power solutions. It reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, which keeps CPU and power module from suffering the risk of high power stress. It has the advantages of quick transient response and stability, especially beneficial when CPU requires more current immediately under heavy loading or overclocking mode.
Final question (ASUS board with finest noise redution tools)
What ASUS motherboard (+ Intel Conroe compatible board) is best suited for building a quiet system. Crossfire/SLI setup is not required nor is a overclockable board?

Asus Q Fan 2 Download Free

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