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Risk II is/was without a doubt the best Risk or Risk like computer game, map options, rule options, even several different gameplay options. Sadly both the Mac and windows versions don't work in any of the last few versions of the OS. Steam Community:: Risk II. I felt sad that this game didn't have a single contribution yet. So I decided to write something. I've seen that it was removed from the store since I bought it, but just how few people is there really who owns this game on Steam?

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Risk II is an excellent example of how a computerized version of a popular boardgame should be done: keeping the original elements intact while adding elements that are only possible on the computer. In this case, it's extra maps, 3D globe view, new objectives, lots of variants, and above all a cool new mode called 'Same Time Risk.'

Games Domain's says it all about this refreshing take on a well-known boardgame: 'Risk II offers three modes of gameplay, 'Classic Risk', 'Same Time Risk' and 'Tournament Play'. 'Classic Risk' recreates the conventional turn based board game, whereas 'Same Time Risk' introduces the concept of simultaneous execution of orders. This is not a particularly inventive direction as several other games already utilise this compromise between turn based and real time gameplay, e.g. Diplomacy and M.A.X.. However, it does introduce a more challenging form of gameplay and will be a blessing for those who get frustrated waiting for their opponents to make their move. Online multiplayer games will certainly benefit from the significant reduction in average game length.

'Tournament Play' is actually a set of sixteen pre-set games combining varying objectives, numbers of players and difficulty settings. The first five games are fought in the 'Classic Risk' style, with the remainder as 'Same Time Risk'. To progress to the next game in the sequence, the player must win outright or defeat at least one or more opponent and stay alive to the end of the game. Tournament points are awarded for a range of achievements.

In single play, a human player competes against between two to seven computer opponents. There are sixteen to choose from in total, varying in difficulty. Famous leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington are featured along with others such as Taupin, Solignac and D'Erlon. Although a brief description of each computer opponent is provided in the manual, a multimedia reference feature would not have gone amiss.

Generally speaking, I have to say that I have found the AI to be strong and challenging, particularly with the more 'experienced' opponents. AI players like Campbell and Spencer present a far greater challenge than the likes of Freire and Solignac. 'Deep Thought' doesn't seem to miss a trick, never failing to take advantage of a mistake. I have yet to be convinced of how well the AI players utilise their long-term memories as there are simply too many gameplay permutations to accurately assess this in the relatively short time I have been playing. A common strategy utilised by the AI is the concentration of forces in one or two territories and stand-offs can be quite common as a result.

Somewhat confusingly, the AI seems rather passive during multiplayer hot seat games. I've no idea why this should be, as there doesn't seem to be any sense in using different AI code for this mode of play. My biggest single disappointment with this release is the (relatively) limited scope of the game. There are only 48 territories to fight over in total. The 'Ultimate Risk' variant from Hasbro Interactive's 1996 version offered no less than 595 territories, with up to 180 in play at any one time! The 'Ultimate Risk' variant also offered extended gameplay features such as topographic and meteorological conditions, forts, fatigue, disease, active generals, POWs, multiple tactical moves and 'Blind Risk'. Additionally, a number of pre-set historical scenarios were provided.

Overall though, I have to say that the positives easily outweigh the negatives. The 'Same Time Risk' mode offers more challenging gameplay and can result in some novel situations when several players each decide to attack the same territory. Though somewhat narrower in scope, Risk II is a highly polished product and far more accomplished than its predecessor. I would rate it amongst one of the better board game conversions I have played. The slick, if inappropriately modern, interface provides easy access to a mass of information and statistics and the choice of sixteen individually profiled AI opponents provides plenty of adversary choice. And I just don't seem to tire of those endearing BattleView animations.'

Highly recommended.

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Wondering2021-11-050 point

When I'm defending with 2 armies left, only 1 die gets rolled.
I'll just roll with it I guess. Missed this game.

ZIP2021-09-131 point

Can't open it

Uriah2021-04-26-1 point

See many questions but not any answer also on what i asked......why ??

Uriah2021-02-200 point this a game of Risk where you could get upp to 60 armies and a score in wich you can see after a year where you're overall standing ???

Danny2021-02-16-1 point

Hi guys,
Got this message after I tried to install - 'Windows cannot find 'RunMe.bat'. Make sure you've typed the name correctly, then try again.'
Any help would be appreciated!

Stuck2021-02-120 point

Game just randomly crashes when AI places reinforcements, anybody know a work around?

Nicky2021-02-031 point


Wonderful and funiest game!!

Greg Maxin2020-12-293 points

Some tips if your game isn't starting (or network not working)
- The game works on Windows 10 when running in Windows XP service pack 2 or 3. To change this right-click on 'Riskll.exe' - Properties - Compatibility - Change the Compatibility Mode. Disabling fullscreen optimizations doesn't hurt.
- The game resolution is 640x480 and no modern computer has this anymore. Often times windows 10 resolution settings can mess up the loading of the game. To edit display settings (resolution) right-click on your Desktop - Display Settings. Set the scale to 100% and the display resolution to the recommended. If it still not working play around with combinations
- Once the game loads you cannot tab out, minimize, or do anything that might change the screen resolution off the game's default. Going back into the game after hitting the windows key, for example, will ruin the graphics
- For multiplayer you need to turn off your firewall. Whether you use windows security or a custom one, it blocks connections in Riskll. As well, the first time you go to network/multiplayer you will need tab out 'ALT+TAB' and there should be a pop-up with RISKll asking for access to your network. Allow it access, restart the game, and local games should appear in the list
- For non-LAN games, you will need to port forward. I am not sure of the port Riskll runs on and have not tried this yet. If you are unsure what port forwarding is then this process is too complicated.
If you have questions you can contact me
If anyone has access to the source code; I'd really like a copy to play around with

Risk 2 online

yyyyyyyy2020-09-25-7 points

how much does this cost?

startagain2020-08-031 point

Does anyone know how to reset the savegame data?
I want to start the tournament again, but cant.

Nostaf2020-07-210 point

Answer to Jackbomanhorse question. Win 10 appsprograms and featuresfind in list uninstall. It will ask a second question probaly, if you also want to uninstall save game files. If you still see anything, do a search and delete everything manual.

niko2020-06-03-2 points


Buy Risk 2 Online Download Pc

Jackbomanhorse2020-03-26-3 points

Anyone know how to uninstall this? I cant seem to find a way.

Buy Risk 2 Online Download

Guy12019-05-11-2 points

So, I got it working on windows 10, but it only works as long as you don't lose focus on the game. It also doesnt have the intro. All you need to do is right click on the shortcut, select 'Troubleshoot compatibility' and say that it worked on Windws XP.

no one2019-04-12-11 points

win 10 is garbage. why do you even have it?

Picky and Choosy2019-03-120 point

The Rar straight downloads it right into your C directory, beware, it's an auto install.

Myname2019-01-31-15 points

Why would you want this bs of a game on any platform? What*s opposite of GOAT?

Justin2018-08-18-14 points

How to get this to work on windows 10? I tried dosbox which didn't work. And if try without dosbox I get permission decisions despite seeing it as run as administrator etc. Any help appreciated, thanks

DudeMan2018-07-09-19 points

Buy Risk 2 Online Download Computer

How to get working on Windows 10?

Buy risk 2 online download english

brickster2018-03-101 point


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