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This is hidden calculator app to hide application is a secret app folder or secret calculator app with vault apps for android download vaulty apps. You can best photo vault app android or photo calculator app and calculator app lock is hide calculator to secret Secret calculator app hider is folder lock app with safe gallery app. Download Calculator app for Android. Keep safe and hide pictures, videos - also app lock secretly by this calculator. Calculator Lock – Lock Photos & Videos app will allow you to hide all types of files, including photos, contacts, videos and other items. Calculator locker app has a hidden space with calculator password protection. Easy calculator lock app will provide you with other useful functions including hide important notes, camera photos and videos etc.

Download Calculator Vault: App Hider - Hide Apps for Android to hide Mobile privacy Apps,Hide pictures and photos,Perfect Camouflage App Hider. These free apps are available for download on the Android Market. Protect your privacy, protect your device, and stay safe on your android mobile device with the Calculator Hide Photo And Video app. This ad fraud prevention tool will help you recognize and prevent the theft of your security code, and your personal data.

No more important apps in plain sight

Calculator Vault : App Hider - Hide Apps is a free mobile utility app that allows you to hide apps and media files behind a calculator’s interface. Developed by Hide Apps (NO ROOT), this handy little application is basically a vault and secure location for keeping your apps away from prying eyes. Not only that but it can store images and videos, as well, and even censors notifications from them.

How do I hide apps in my calculator vault?

Calculator Vault’s basic purpose is to hide apps behind the guise of a calculator. The calculator itself functions like a normal one. However, if you input your 6-digit number password, it will open up its menu and allow you to hide and uninstall applications. Adding and importing them and media files is easy as you simply have to tap the three icons at the bottom of the screen to display your choices.

For an app, you need to test if it opens inside the vault by tapping it and choosing “Launch Dual.” Once it works properly, you can now choose the other option, “Hide”, to uninstallthe app from your home page. This will erase your data for that program it but at least it’s now completely out of sight and can only be launched via this utility. This tool is just named “Calculator”, even in the notifications.

This softawre doesn’t requireyour device to be rooted so it’s easy to use. On its first launch, it will prompt you to create your 6-digit PIN. However, you can’t easily get the app to reset your password if you forgot it. The only workaround to this is if your device has a fingerprint scanner function and you had enabled Fingerprint Unlock beforehand. Additionally, there are ads constantly playing whenever you open this tool.

Password problems

All in all, Calculator Vault : App Hider - Hide Apps is a great utility to have around if you happen to need some apps hidden on your device. It could be for various reasons—such as the device being shared between family members and such—but regardless, you can easily do so with just this application. However, it’s not easy to retrieve your PIN if you forget it and you should expect ads to play every time you open this.

Gold Calculator Locker is private gallery lock and applock to keep safe and hide photos, videos and documents behind fully functional calculator vault.
Don’t risk your personal photo albums, secret videos or secure files being seen when people use your device! The biggest safe vault, video locker and hack proof calculator hide app.
Main Features
Privacy Vault: You can only open private gallery vault by typing correct password in this calculator hide app or using your fingerprint (for supported devices).
HideHide Photos & Videos: Let no-one find your stuff. Hide any photos and videos, then view them from inside the app.
App Lock: One tap to Lock apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail and Settings.Calculator
Protect Music/Apps/Files/Contacts: Hide your personal audio, contacts, apk files or any documents safe and secure.
Private Browser: Private web browser to download photos, videos and audios leaves no tracks in your system.
ModFake Vault: Create a decoy to conceal the real one. The decoy can also store files.
Special Features
~ Instant capture images and videos from app itself
~ Intruder selfie will be taken of people who enters incorrect password into your app lock.
~ App Disappears from recent apps list. If you got any call when using locker then locker immediately closes itself and also if suddenly someone came near you and you just screen off then locker will closes automatically.
~ No limit to store and hide all your personal files.
~ Supports “Uninstall Protection” to prevent calculator Hide App from being uninstall by kids or strangers and also prevent force stop your app lock by other applications.
Other Tools
~ Calculator Themes.
~ Multiselect option to hide and unhide pictures, videos or any other documents.
~ Easy file management system. (Edit, Move, Rename, Create Folders etc)
~ Direct Share hidden files from vault.
~ GIF playable image viewer with slideshow animation, shuffle, rotate, share.

Calculator Hide App Mod Apk Download

~ Inbuilt audio & video playerCalculator Hide App Apk Download
~ Play video with any other player installed in your phone
Inbuilt AppLock Features
~ Lock System and Social apps and Games. Also Fingerprint Applock or Fingerprint gallery vault available for supported devices.
~ HD Themes and Backrounds for applock.
~ Intruder Selfie: Instantly snap and mail you the selfie of snooper who try to break in your security with wrong Password, Pattern or Fingerprint.
~ Disguise: App lock shows Force Close and Fingerprint disguise.
~ Backup Pattern Lock (useful instead of typing password)
~ Different unlock sounds and keypad tones.
IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever.
This app uses Device Administrator permission.
Calculator Locker need Device Administrator Permission to prevent it from being uninstalled and this app never use this permission except for uninstall prevention.
This Calculator Hide App uses Accessibility Service. Our App lock uses this service for save battery power and remind users with disabilities to unlock apps.
Q1). My hidden files are stored online?
A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phone locally.
Q2). Change password?
A. Open your secret vault first and Go to settings of calculator gallery vault app and click on Change password option.

Calculator Vault App Lock Hide Photo Pro Apk Download

Q3). Forgot password?
A. Enter 7777 on our vault's calculator in your phone and press '='. This will open password recovery screen to recover your password in your registered email id with an app.
Q4). Can I recover my files after uninstall of this app?

Calculator Hide App Lock Apk Download

A. You cannot recover your files once you uninstall the app. To prevent your app from uninstall please switch on “Uninstall protection” from this app settings.
Feel free to contact the Calculator Vault customer service with any questions or suggestions you might have.
[email protected]