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I haven't yet run 2.0 on Wii but i am going to do them in this week and release there the full Tutorial How to Play Dofus 2.0 on Wii Now the little tuto: Install Homebrew Channel Install WhiteLinux on them Download there Winetricks and install(By muon best way if is there ) In winetricks install adobe air Then go Download Linux. Tons of awesome Dofus wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Dofus wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images. Wallpapers - DOFUS Media - DOFUS, the Tactical MMORPG. Wallpapers - DOFUS Media - DOFUS, the Tactical MMORPG This is where youll find all media related to the DOFUS online game.

This emulator is built in C# and is a closed source project, but the good news is...It's built with a plugin system.
So instead of coding the source directly, you will be coding plugins that create the features instead.
It's basically a plug and play system to easily add/remove or share your plugins and features at your will.Download
Xeo mentions the use of an ORM that's useful, i'm not a programmer so i'm not too sure the use of it.

Dofus Film 2

He refers to this github, so maybe someone else could make of use of this.
Plugin Example Code

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Dofus 2.0 Download Windows

Stahli Emulator v1
Client 2.10 Part 1
Client 2.10 Part 2
Language Pack v2.8
<----------------------------------------------------Alternative Files---------------------------------------------------->
Arkalys'emu (Complete with CMS + Client + Server Files)


.:Server Side:.
-Install MYSQL
-Upload Database Stahli2.sql To Database Using Navicat
-Edit information 'Serveurs' Ports and IP
-Auth/World Config
-Change IP for (network.worldhost, network.interhost)
-Edit Mysql Database Information
.:Client Side:.
-Open App -> Config.xml
-Edit those lines to connect to IP or Ports of the server.
(By Default i have already adjusted the ports to work with the emulator)
-Open Dofus.exe
.:Client language:.
-Open App -> Config.xml
-Change EN to the language initials of your language.
(You will also need the i18n_?.d2i file)

(Dated Language Pack)
DofusDofus 2.0 Download

Bouh2 (Possibly)
From the French Community Forums

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