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The first pack of maps from Doom 2 transformed into Doom 3 technology. This 1st map pack from Disposable Heroes, contains the first 9 maps of Doom II, bringing back the maps DooM fans love and recognize in Doom 3's awesome game engine. Lock n load and get ready for a blast from the past! Maps included: Entryway. Darkstar Disclosures: Top 10 – Best Maps in the ZPackFinally the video that some of you have been waiting for, the TOP 10 BEST MAPS for the great PK3 Megawad. Doom II Maps - The same program used to render the Doom maps was used to render these 32 Doom II maps. The WAD format is virtually identical. The maps are rotated 45 degrees, so north is in the upper right corner. Check out the other Doom page for technical details on how I created these maps. I know I'm a little late on this (by a few years lol), but after my escapade with Mario, I thought I'd try my hand at making maps for Doom. Doomguy has been.

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This is my favourite DOOM II WAD download page. Here, you can read a brief description of each of my all-time favourite WADs. I have provided direct links to the text file and the ZIP file(s) for each one and will also give the ZIP file size so you can get an idea of how long they might take to download.

Total Conversions

Osiris (2.1Mb)Created by Glen Payne and Marshal Bostwick, Osiris is loosely based on the movie 'Stargate'. It comprises 8 levels, and the exit area of each level is the same as the starting area of the next level which gives a great feeling of continuity. The theme, architecture, lighting and gameplay are all superb. New monsters (the flying bat-horrors still freak me out !), graphics, sprites, sound effects and music (by J. Doyle) create the overall atmosphere created by this conversion. This WAD really does send shivers up your spine and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Highly recommended. You can view the OSIRIS text file here.
Memento Mori (1) (1.4Mb)
Memento Mori (2) (1.4Mb)
Memento Mori (3) (1.3Mb)
Memento Mori is a superb replacement of all 32 DOOM II levels created by The Innocent Crew, TiC, a group of over 20 of the best WAD designers around. It was more than four months in the making and has both new textures and new music for all the levels. It is a brilliant WAD, highly recommended. You can, if you prefer, download the whole of Memento Mori in a single file here There is a full information pack available too which you can obtain here, and a complete set of demos which you can get here.
Memento Mori II (4Mb)As if the original MM was not enough hard work for TiC, they went on to create Memento Mori II. Again, it is a brilliant replacement of all 32 DOOM II levels again with new textures and new music for all the levels. Again, this conversion is a must have for any serious DOOMer and is highly recommended. There is a complete set of demos which you can get here.
A Fistful of DOOM (1.8Mb)I just really like this one. It's one of a number of 'Western' conversions out there but this one is my personal favourite. I think it has something to do with the way the author has combined new textures, sound effects and music to create a genuine 'western' feel. Good gameplay too and pretty tricky at UV. You can read the 'Fistful of DOOM' text filehere.

Single WADs

The Hoover Dam (93Kb)Well, I've made references to Mike Reed before among these pages. While I have seen some amazing WADs since, Mike's Hoover Dam WAD opened the DOOM floodgates for me. It really is amazing when you load it for the first time and find yourself on a ledge high above the Colorado river looking up the valley to the dam face. I've tried all Mike's WADs and they are all excellent. You can download the Hoover Dam WAD from here, or follow the link to Mike Reed'shome page where all of his WADs are available... including four really good deathmatch WADs: Mike Reed's link.You can read the Hoover Dam text file by clicking here.
Escape from Phobos (255Kb)
Escape from Deimos (231Kb)
Escape from Natas (403Kb)
These three WADs are superb from every point of view. Great gameplay, excellent architecture, thoughtful lighting, all round brilliant and you should have them. Created by Chris Christensen who has personally given me all sorts of help with my own WAD design and helped me through the initial stages of learning the intricacies of WinTex. The creation of the Space Shuttle using DOOM2 construction, which is a bit limited when compared to, say, Quake, is a stroke of genius ! Nice one Chris ! You can read the text files for the Escape series by following these links: Escape from Phobos, Escape from Deimos, Escape from Natas.
The UAC Corporation (155Kb)I have included this one because such care has been put into the appearance. I know I'm always banging on about how some WADs just seem to appeal more and be more fun to play and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the amount of effort that goes into the design. This one has two levels, not terribly difficult to play, but just look at the use of textures, lighting and architecture. You can read the UAC Corporation text filehere.
99 Ways to Die (218Kb)Again, this WAD is an excellent example of how the realism is enhanced by good lighting. Created by Warren Marshall there are three levels designed around a castle theme which are all immense fun to play... and just drool over that lighting. You can read the 99 Ways to Die text file here. In the text file there is a credit to Mike Reed 'for proving that the true path is quality over quantity'... how true!

Deathmatch WADs

Grievance (1.2Mb)
Bloodlands (1.1Mb)
These two WADs are each 32 levels of pure Deathmatch Fragfesting from TeamTNT. I have tried all the levels out. They're all good, some of them are superb. If you are a DM player then look no further, you need these in your collection. You can read the text files for these two WADs by following these links: Grievance, Bloodlands.
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This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.
This level occupies the map slot MAP31. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP31.

MAP01: Entryway



Map #

Entry From

Exits To

MAP01: Entryway (MAP31 in PSX/Saturn) is the first map of Doom II. It was designed by Sandy Petersen and uses the music track 'Running from Evil'. The par time for this map is 30 seconds (retroactively, because it's the first level).

In the PlayStation and Sega Saturn joint port of Doom and Doom II, Entryway is MAP31, and is the port's first Doom II level.

Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.
  • 1Walkthrough
  • 3Speedrunning
  • 5Statistics


You start the level at a ledge. In front of you are four Zombiemen looking back from you (be careful on higher difficulties as even a punch will alert more Zombiemen in the hallway). Kill them and proceed to the hallway. Continue down the path until you see a room with health bonuses, then turn left. You'll come to a dark room. On the right side of the room is the exit. Flip the switch inside to complete the level.


Trivia and other points of interest

  1. At the very start of the map, before climbing down to the floor, head southwest to access a partially open-air area and get a chainsaw.
  2. At the northwest of the winding corridor, there is a room containing eight health bonuses.

Doom 2 Map 1


  1. In the blue room at the north of the level, flip the switch on the right. A compartment will open in the northeast of the room, containing an armor (which can be useful in next level) and two stimpacks (sector 41). Toggling the left switch will cause both switches to sink into the ground, allowing the Zombiemen's clips to be acquired. If you do this, you can still open this secret by pressing the Use key where its switch was formerly located.
  2. In the large room containing the exit, toggle the switch to the west to activate an elevator. At the top, open the back wall of the elevator to reveal another switch (sector 8). Be warned as on higher difficulties there are Imps here. Flip it to open a door beside the southeast pillar leading outside.
  3. From the top of the elevator of secret #2, sprint or jump to land on the metal platform in front of the elevator. A compartment containing a rocket launcher will open behind the health bonuses out in the hallway (sector 57). You do not have to jump onto the platform; all that is required is that you jump over the platform's west side (linedef 242).
  4. After activating the switch in secret #2, head outside through the door opened in the southeast. To the west is a shotgun and 4 shotgun shells (sector 17). However, on Hurt Me Plenty, there are three Imps and on Ultra-Violence and Nightmare! there are 5, so be careful.
  5. In the exit room, one side of the wall to the east is perfectly straight. On the north end of this wall is a cage containing an Imp. Open the other end of this wall to find a stimpack (sector 28). On Hurt Me Plenty or higher, two Imps will exit this secret are if you fire a weapon inside the room or at the end of the corridor that leads into it.


  1. Outside of the map along the south and east walls is a texture of white pebbles and rocks that is not observable without noclipping outside of the map (see WhiteTexture_2011.08.12_01.25.59.lmp below).

Demo files

Doom 2 Custom Maps

Areas / screenshots

The initial view of Entryway. In the distance, two Zombiemen stand with their backs facing the player.
On top of bug#1
View of bug #1 from Object View in Doom Builder 2
View of bug #1 from Overhead View in Doom Builder 2
Secret #1
Secret #3

Doom 2 Map 4

Secret #4
Secret #5
Secret #2
POI #1
POI #2



The Compet-N records for the map are:

UV speed00:05Thomas 'Panter'
NM speed00:05Thomas 'Panter'
UV max00:41Adam
UV -fast00:45Jakub 'method_man'
UV -respawn00:45Adam
UV Tyson00:42Radek
UV pacifist00:05Thomas 'Panter'

Miscellaneous demos

Doom 2 Maps Download


  • The behind-the-start bonus also contains a super shotgun, a rocket launcher, and a BFG9000.
  • Another BFG is located to the left of the west pillar at the starting area.
  • A chaingun is added in the main corridor.
  • A super shotgun is found in the blue-floored room.
  • The rocket launcher in secret #3 has a nearby ammo pack.
  • The plasma gun is found in the large room at the end of the level, on the platform you must jump across to open secret #3. Outside of some source ports, it is possible to acquire it without using the elevator by straferunning into it from the side.


Map data



This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

Armor bonus111
Health bonuses888
Rocket launchers111
4 shotgun shells111


Doom II (1994) - MAP01 Entryway 4K 60FPS


  • The music in this level is inspired by the song 'Hangar 18', performed by Megadeth.
  • This level is the basis for MAP32: Go 2 It in Plutonia.

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