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  • Score explosive power-ups including three new shots. Explore new gameplay like lily-pad hopping, slide-aiming, and more. Enjoy amazing graphics and effects and save your stats in the Tiki Temple! Download Zuma's Revenge! Get the full version of Zuma's Revenge! Download Mac Version.
  • Despite being a demo, the installation and download times are quite long. If you want a unique game and don't mind waiting for it to download, Zuma's Revenge is a great option. Pros: Fun and addictive game that it suitable for all ages. Game slowly increases in difficulty as you advance. Improves on the graphics found in the original game.

It Doesn't Seem to be possible for PopCap to release a bad game. Sure, they've had a few partial misses in the past, but since Peggie exploded, they've just nailed that treble 20 each time. Zuma's Revenge is just the next game off their conveyor belt of fiendishly addictive, quality casual titles. It's also safe to say, though, that it doesn't have that all-encompassing joy factor of Peggie delivered, as, surprisingly, it's a little bit user-unfriendly.

The premise is that your hero, a frog, is shipwrecked on a monster-infected Hawaii-like island and, in his attempts to explore his surroundings, has to do battle with the denizens of the jungle. There are lots of mentions of the word Tiki, too, which is always nice.His battles take the form of long ribbons of coloured balls that snake along a track towards a gaping maw of death. You have to stop said balls disappearing into the demonic gullet by firing additional spheres into the snake. It's a twist on the match-3 games like Bejewelled, just not on a grid. The key is to make sure you don't fire too many in at once, as each addition extends the line by one, inching it ever closer to destruction. Chain matches together for big points and huge reductions in the length of the snake.

Download Zuma Revenge Apk For Pc Free

Zuma's Revenge is addictive and it's fun, but it is more frustrating and rage-inducing than other PopCap efforts of late. Plants vs Zombies never once made you feel like you were never going to finish a level, but Zuma's Revenge has a lives and a checkpoint system, making you replay a few difficult levels after a couple of failures. It also takes an age to load the game on lesser systems. Yet overall, it's a great little game though and certainly a worthy successor to the original Zuma.


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Download Zuma Revenge Apk For Pc

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