Gacha Life 2 Download 2020

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Gacha Club is coming! Do you want to get your fashion ideas in the game? There are three ways to submit your drawings!

  1. Glmm Games
  2. Gacha Life New Version 2020
  3. Gacha Life 2 Pc

Option 1) Visit the official Gacha Club Facebook Group () and submit your drawing in the official post!

Option 2) Visit the official Gacha Club Discord () and submit your drawing using #submissions!

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Option 3) Email your drawing to[email protected]

Don’t forget to download the official Gacha Club template on our Facebook or Discord pages!

Be sure to write your Credits Name and it will appear in game if we pick it!

Thank you for helping out with Gacha Club!

Official Rules:

Glmm Games

- Unlimited entries per person

- Entries must fit the new template correctly

LifeDownloadGacha Life 2 Download 20202020

- You must include both front and back views (if your item has a back view)

- Keep it simple, overly detailed items will not be chosen

- Do not draw copyrighted material from other games/anime

Gacha Life New Version 2020

- Be original and creative!

Gacha Life 2 Pc

- Do not post your OC, this is for new fashion items only

Terms & Conditions

- By submitting an entry, you give full rights to Lunime to use your fashion item for Gacha Club.

- You agree on having your Credits Name be displayed in Gacha Club.

- Winners will not be notified until late 2019 near the release of Gacha Club.

- Contest ends when all item slots have been filled.