Ios 11 Public Beta 2 Download

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Apple has officially released the iOS 11.1 Public Beta 2 update for eligible iPhone and iPad devices. For users registered in the Apple Beta Software Program can immediately download their devices to iOS 11.1 Public Beta 2.

IOS 11 Public Beta has been released and is now available for you to download for free. IOS 11 brings a host of new features, from the control center to the. Jul 12, 2017 The public beta builds arrive a few days after the developer releases of iOS 11 beta 3 and macOS High Sierra beta 3 were made available, but otherwise appear to be largely the same. IOS 11 public beta 2 can be found to download now via the iOS Settings app within the Software Update mechanism. Testers can now download iOS 11 public beta 2 seed which Apple has released today for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Here are the details. Apple has officially given users registered with the Apple Beta Software Program a little something extra to sink their teeth into with the release of the second public. IOS 11 Public Beta 2 download for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices has been released. Here's how you can install it today. Apple Releases iOS 11 Public Beta 2 for Those Enrolled in.

The second public beta of iOS 11.1 brings in hundreds of emoji characters. On top of that, Apple makes sure to bring back the 3D Touch app switcher gesture, which allows users to redirect into the multitasking view, or switch apps. This works by deep pressing on the side of the display.

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Apparently, this feature is only available to iPhone devices that have a 3D Touch display. And as expected, performance improvements and bug fixes also arrive with iOS 11.1 Public Beta 2.

To download the iOS 11.1 Public Beta 2, head over to Settings > General >Software Update. Before proceeding with the update, make sure the device's battery is charged up to avoid interruption. A Wi-Fi connection is preferred than mobile data connection to avoid exhausting data and being charged.

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Users under the beta program can do the same. For users who are interested to join Apple Beta Software Program, head over the registration page, log in with a working Apple ID and fill up necessary information.

Free iOS update

iOS 15 Beta is a free iOS testing environment where you can access the upcoming new Apple features to see how well it works on your iPhone. You’ll receive a new configuration role while testing the latest tools, but you can revert to your previous operating system if you’re not happy with the changes. You can also send suggestions for improvements before the full release of iOS 15.

Public Beta Program

Of course, the public beta will have glitches and stability issues as Apple develops more features. Only registered developers can participate, so there’s a limit to how many can sign on for the program.

Developer beta testing

Instead of releasing to everyone with an iPhone, iOS 15 Beta is only accessible to developers that enroll. It will launch new features during the beta’s lifespan, giving developers a chance to test and see if there are any faults. You will need to wait a few hours for the beta to update for the required changes to take place.

Ios 11 Public Beta 2 Download

New features

Apple had already indicated some of the expected features during WWDC21. FaceTime is set to launch on web browsers so that Android and Windows users can also connect to iOS 15 meetings. With this comes spatial audio, which makes you feel like other meeting attendees are sitting next to you. These are only a little taste of some of the new tools to come.

Incident reporting

One of the iOS 15 Beta tools you’ll be able to test is a new Apple Maps reporting feature. If something happens in your area, you can indicate it with the tap of an icon and some text. When Apple receives enough of these reports to confirm it, other users will be able to see it as a warning on their maps.

Our take

iOS 15 Beta is the intermediate step between iOS 14 and the upcoming update for iPhones and iPads. While not everyone can participate, you can enroll as a developer. If you get lucky to be one of the few to access the app, there are plenty of features you’ll be able to test until the official launch of the new operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a developer interested in testing new features and providing feedback.


  • Can revert to the previous operating system
  • New features for you to test
  • Incident reporting
  • New FaceTime tools


Ios 11 Public Beta 2 Download Mega

  • You need to enroll as a developer
  • Unstable due to testing