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NOTE: This mod is made during Week 4 update, it doesn't work like intended, you now need to go to debugging mode (press 7) and the replace 'mom hair' opponent with just normal 'mom'
This is my first submission on this site.
Mettaton This mod replace Mom with Mettaton and the song

Download Mettaton Neo for Firefox. A LITTLE HEART TO HEART U FEEL ME. How are you enjoying Mettaton Neo? 2.0 Size 149.33 KB Last updated 2 years ago (May 13. Based on this video, a fan-made animation made by A Huge Pancake. Mettaton NEO 2.0 is a powered up version of Mettaton NEO, making his appearance in an animation to fight LV 13 Chara. Leitmotif: Power of NEO (Ikarus Remix) Status: Ready for Battle Tier: 9-A Name: Mettaton NEO v2.0 Origin: A Huge Pancake Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Robot with a soul, Human Eradication Machine. Mettaton NEO v2.0 Recreation. Version: 0.1.0 over 1 year ago. This is an Undertale fangame made in Create Your Frisk v0.6.4 based on fan-game video on Youtube by A Huge Pancake. I tried very hard to not to miss any small details which in this battle are enough. All sprites were also redrawn by me from the original video (which was the hardest.

Normal difficultyNeo of Satin-Panties with Death by Glamour. The song is fully mapped with the notes. The icon on the health bar is also chanaged.
Mettaton neo 2.0 fight

Mettaton Neo Fight Online

I decided to make this because Mom moves frantically reminded me of Mettaton lol.
All the artwork and song mapping is made by me

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