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How to install mods in minecraft 1.12 2. Make a backup file of your Minecraft world. It's important to save your existing world in case the something goes wrong with the new mod. Download Minecraft Forge. Download compatible mods. Install mods by copying the files into the. Mod gician is a fully supported Minecraft Mod Installer that removes all the guesswork and makes it fast and simple. Select your version of Minecraft; Click the download links for the Mods you want; Tick the Mods you want and click Install; Supported Minecraft Versions. Minecraft 1.12.2; Minecraft 1.11.2; Minecraft 1.10.2; Minecraft 1.9.4.

Shiginima also allows us to add Mods to play Minecraft in a different way. Remember that Mods are the modifications made by the community to add new and different features to the game, providing a different experience.

It is very fun to try new mods as they allow us to get new sensations in Minecraft, new challenges, expansions, add-ons and many extra tools to improve our game.

We will need to install Forge, and a sample mod. But let’s go step by step.

Steps to install Mods on Shiginima Minecraft Launcher (Mac)

To install correctly Mods in Shiginima, we have to follow a series of steps, simple, but paying a lot of attention and not skipping any. In addition we must, among other things, install an add-on such as Forge so that everything works properly without errors.

Minecraft Mod Installer Download

Download and Install Forge

That said, let’s go to the site: https://files.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/ and look for the version we want to install (we have to use the version we usually play) in this case, I am going to install version 1.12.2 on Mac.

What I recommend is to install the recommended download, it is the stable version. Click on the button indicated in the image above and we will go to another page where we have to skip an advertisement.

Immediately it will download a file to install. When we have the forge file on our computer, we double click on it and it will open a window like the following one:

Minecraft modinstaller 1.12 2 downloadCached

We choose the “Install Client” option and click on the “Accept” button. Then we will receive a warning message, warning us that the file comes from an unidentified developer. This is normal. We click the “OK” button and follow the next steps.

Once we give OK, we go to “System Preferences” and in “Security and Privacy” we click on “Open anyway”.

It will pop up another warning window to ask us if we are sure to open. Click on “Open”.

Forge installation in progress

Now if we have Forge installed, we only have to wait for it to finish loading all the files.

When the installation finishes, it shows this warning window. It is important because it indicates that we have to enter the Shiginima Launcher again and finish downloading other remaining libraries.

We open Shiginima on Mac

Now we open the Shiginima Launcher to choose version 1.12.2

Minecraft Modinstaller

Do not forget to save the changes.

Free Minecraft Mod Installer Pc

How to install Mods for Shiginima Launcher on Mac

Now if we go directly to install mods in Shiginima, we have to reopen Shiginima Launcher. To install mods, we have to download a file or sometimes more than one, which will be placed in the appropriate folder within the Minecraft installation.

In this case we are going to install a mod called “Dregora” we can find it in this link https://www.minecrafteo.com/dregora-mod-para-minecraft-1-12/

In this case we need to download two files: “Open Terrain Generator 1.12.2” and “Dregora 1.12.2”. Once we have the 2 files on our Mac, we open the following location: /Users/macbook/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods and drag the 2 downloaded mods files into it.

You are done. The process of installing a Mod is complete. It only remains to restart the launcher to enjoy the chosen mod. You can install several mods together, some may or may not have compatibility. But they are installed in the same location and in the same way.

In this case, we see how the Mod is ready to be used.

Minecraft Mod Installer 1.12 2 Download Apk

The mod is now installed.

Example of Mod Installed and running in Shiginima

Video explanation for downloading and installing mods for Shiginima Minecraft Launcher

RLCraft - Download And Install - Modpack - 1.12.2 - Minecraft ...

In this video we see a very good explanation, step by step so you can see live all the steps to perform the installation and do not miss a step.

See Full List On Files.minecraftforge.net

I hope you were able to install it correctly and without errors. What is your favorite Mod? Write us in the comments