Pfsense Download 2.5

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This version is a maintenance release of pfSense Plus software containing several bug fixes, primarily for 32-bit ARM systems such as the Netgate 3100. This version of pfSense Plus software includes: Corrections for performance regression on 32-bit ARM systems. Native package builds for 32-bit ARM systems. PfSense Plus software version 21.02-RELEASE updates are available now. For installation images, contact Netgate TAC. PfSense software Community Edition version 2.5.0-RELEASE updates and installation images are available for download now. The new versions include a long list of significant changes. Notably, pfSense Plus adds.

Pfsense Download 2.5

I finally have all the bits and pieces for my new pfSense box. I have waited a long time and am excited to move from sophos utm to pfSense. However, I see that 2.5 seems really, really close looking at their redmine (96% done, only a dozen issues not in 'feedback'). They seem to be doing a really good job at making progress, and the issues seem progressively smaller in size as one would expect. There are a few features that appeal to me on 2.5 and perhaps just a couple that may change in behavior from 2.4 to the 2.5 series. That is totally fine with me, but I think it may be better to just start at 2.5 instead of setting up 2.4 and then upgrading shortly to the 2.5 series. To be clear, I totally get how just using the 2.4 series until the 2.5 series is ready makes total sense for those already using pfSense. TBH, it will likely take me a few weeks to get the pfSense box set up and configured to my liking.

My question is if anyone can shed light on how the 2.5 development releases 'move' to final production release? Will I need to reinstall from scratch? Is there just an 'upgrade' button? Something in between? While we are on the topic, what about moving from development release to development release?

Pfsense Download 2.5

Pfsense 2.5.0

Also, to be clear, I am NOT asking when 2.5 will be done. I understand it is done when it is released.

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