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Auto-Clicker enables automatic clicking that can speed up progress in games that require rapid clicks. This free software allows you to also create hotkeys to create better gaming experiences.

Auto Clicker By Polar 2.0 - itfasr. OP Auto Clicker 3.0: Roblox: Music: Intro and video song: NEFFEX. May 09, 2020 auto clicker by polar free download. Free Auto Clicker Mouse Auto Clicker release New features: 1. Single Left Click If Color 2. Auto clicker polar free download. Free Auto Clicker Mouse Auto Clicker release New features: 1. Single Left Click If Color 2.

User Interface

Auto clicker

The design of Auto-Clicker is quite out of date, but it remains effective. The display is clutter-free. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to understand the application, even for beginners to this kind of software.


Auto-Clicker by Polar is portable and leaves behind no traces in the registry. When you download it, all you need to do is click on it and it will run, with no installation needed. It provides primarily automatic clicking at either a spot or on the regular pointer’s location.

Other things it allows you to do is set up and modify the hotkeys. It can also set what will happen when you tap once, twice, or thrice in a row. It can run in the background, but it will not work when closed completely.


Not only is it free but Auto-Clicker is open source which is great for developers. Lastly, it has no virus or advertisements.

Recent updates

The most recent updates added a few minor options. Also, the best thing it added was allowing you to save your basic settings that you implemented the last time the software was used.

Best alternatives

Free Auto Clicker is a great option as it is easier to use and also a freeware. Unfortunately, as it is well known, some websites and games will detect it and prevent it from working.

Polar 2.0 Auto Clicker DownloadOp auto clicker

GS serves a similar purpose as being easy to use. However, it does not provide as many features as Auto-Clicker does. It also falls short as it freezes at times.

Auto Click Typer is a much more advanced program, but it suffers from third party software inclusion. It may be detected as malware by certain anti-virus.

Auto Clicker By Polar

Useful application

Polar 2.0 Auto Clicker Download Windows 7

Op auto clicker

Polar 2.0 Auto Clicker Download Free

If you are a gamer, effective clicking is essential. While having a simple design, Polar’s Auto-Clicker has a good number of useful options. It is regularly updated and falls short of none of its competitors so it is a great software to download.