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On Android, just download the APK and install it. On Windows, download the ZIP, extract it, and run the EXE. On Linux, download and extract the ZIP, go into the bin directory, open a terminal,.

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Samsung Pay is an application for users with Samsung devices that can help them replace cash or credit cards as means of payment.
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If you have a smartphone and you’re willing to link your credit card to one of the apps that provide payment functionality, then you can make your life a little bit easier. With the help of the NFC chip, many devices can be used as a means of payment, which means that you don’t have to carry your wallet anymore. The Samsung Pay application runs on Samsung devices, as the name suggests, and it can be used with credit, debit, gift, membership and rewards cards. The interesting thing about this app is that it also offers quite a few rewards when you’re using it, making it much more attractive. All the transactions are authorized with the fingerprint or PIN, and the information is encrypted in a separate and secure data vault.


  • Pay with your phone, not your credit cards
  • Secure transactions
  • Get rewards for using the phone

What's new in Samsung Pay APK 4.1.62:

For more information on downloading Samsung Pay to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Samsung Pay APK versions (60):

  • Samsung Pay 4.0.652021-11-23
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.602021-10-30
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.492021-09-08
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.432021-08-18
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.032021-08-17
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.282021-07-01
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.262021-05-28
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.452021-04-12
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.412021-03-31
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.152021-02-22
  • Samsung Pay 4.1.022021-02-05
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.552020-12-22
  • Samsung Pay 2.5.432020-11-10
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.872020-11-06
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.762020-10-22
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.202020-10-06
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.152020-08-24
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.462020-08-20
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.102020-08-18
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.052020-06-30
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.272020-06-24
  • Samsung Pay 3.8.562020-05-26
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.952020-05-26
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.902020-05-26
  • Samsung Pay 4.0.002020-03-31
  • Samsung Pay 3.9.982020-03-27
  • Samsung Pay 3.9.912020-03-27
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.862020-02-27
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.852020-02-26
  • Samsung Pay 3.9.522020-02-20
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.802020-01-29
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.752019-12-20
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.702019-11-26
  • Samsung Pay 3.9.102019-10-18
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.602019-10-07
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.452019-09-02
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.402019-08-08
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.352019-08-02
  • Samsung Pay 3.8.512019-06-07
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.252019-06-03
  • Samsung Pay 3.8.262019-05-14
  • Samsung Pay 3.8.002019-04-12
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.202019-04-12
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.792019-03-06
  • Samsung Pay 2.5.292019-03-06
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.152019-02-27
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.612019-02-01
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.192018-12-20
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.052018-12-20
  • Samsung Pay 3.7.002018-12-10
  • Samsung Pay 3.2.002018-11-28
  • Samsung Pay 3.1.002018-11-07
  • Samsung Pay 3.6.212018-10-16
  • Samsung Pay 3.0.002018-09-27
  • Samsung Pay 2.9.532018-04-30
  • Samsung Pay 2.8.272018-03-26
  • Samsung Pay 2.9.332018-02-04
  • Samsung Pay 2.8.182018-01-15
  • Samsung Pay 2.9.602017-07-21
  • Samsung Pay 2.6.002017-02-27
New in Samsung Pay 4.1.62:
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in the app

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New Samsung Game Download

Samsung Pay 4.1.62 (OLD) get current version instead (4.0.65)
137.2 MB
arm, arm64
API Minimum:
24 - Android 7.0 (Nougat)
API Target:
29 - Android 10

Google Photos is passing along a taste of Material You to everyone, even if you don't have a Pixel with Android 12. The app has launched new widget shapes in line with the new design guidelines.

Image Gallery (5 Images)

A few weeks ago, 9to5Google picked up on code strings that indicated the new widget shapes. Now, with the release of Google Photos v5.65 and the activation of a server-side element, those shapes — as seen in the selector screenshot from top-down, left-to-right: star, flower, circle, square, pill, and fill — are now available when users create a new widget. All shapes show off a featured image and are able to scale as small as 1x2 to as large as 5x5.

Tapping on the widget will take the user to the corresponding image or a reel of Memories. The Fill shape will have some flavor text to indicate some corresponding detail like the date the picture was taken or the title of the reel. Once the user backs out of the Photos app, a new image will take its place on the widget.


You'll be able to pick up some Material You right now with a Google Photos update from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

Google PhotosDeveloper: Google LLCGames

Android Police has more coverage on the spread of Material You right here.

Two Pixels returned to Google for warranty service were used to hijack accounts, stealing 'nudes' and money

One anonymous report on Reddit and another from game designer and NYT-bestselling author Jane McGonigal in the last week

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