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PowerMax Full v1.7.3 Apk App
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Tubemate apk download for pc

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Tubemate Apk Download For Pc

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Tubemate Apk Download 2shared

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: PowerMax - maximize your battery life!
PowerMax extends the battery life of your mobile device. Simple to use: just push the button.
PowerMax is a mobile application that will help you extend the battery life of your mobile device. When you're on the go and notice that your mobile is about to die, or if you know it's going to be a long day until your next chance to charge, turn on PowerMax. PowerMax will save your battery and better manage power usage for you.
PowerMax is one of the most friendly and simple to use applications available today. On the main screen there is an On/Off switch. By turning on, the Power Saver will be activated and save your battery, and by turning off, the application will go back to your normal settings. When Power Saver Mode is on, your phone's functionality will be significantly reduced. But don't worry, this is just to save you power, you can always use your mobile's features on demand (email, internet applications etc).
In testing we have seen a wide range of battery life improvement â€' from a mediocre 20% more to an impressive 100% â€' doubling battery life! Your device usage pattern has a direct affect on the savings â€' typically the more you use your device the higher the savings you will enjoy. Please note that our reports on the percent improvement in battery life will only start a few days after you install PowerMax. Why? Because PowerMax first learns what is your normal battery consumption, the baseline, and then calculates the improvement.
What's in this version:
Updates to licensing system. Phone restart may be required!
Minor bugfixes.
Download Instructions:
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TubeMate is a video downloader app that lets you save local copies of videos from your favorite video sharing websites. Version three has a simple, redesigned interface and added excellent video playback features. In addition to having an impressive feature list, this utility is straightforward to use, especially when compared with some of its competitors. The program is not authorized by Youtube/Google and is not available on the Google Play Store.

Feature-rich Video Downloader

TubeMate is a video installer, allowing you to easily download videos from Youtube, and other video content sites to your Android device. This enables you to watch movies in locations with no internet connectivity, or add content to your device while avoiding Youtube Red’s paywall.

Tubemate Apk Download 2shared Download

Youtube is owned by Google, who are understandably not keen on people downloading copyrighted material. As a consequence, the utility is only available as a third-party app. This application readily available from the website, as well as other sources on the internet.

TubeMate 3 is relatively simple to use. Version 3 has a slick new UI, Thoughtful use of swipe left, and right keeps your screen uncluttered, with history and bookmarks easily accessible.

You access the video you wish to download using the in-app browser. The browser displays an icon which allows you to begin downloading it. You are then able with resolution and video quality options, along with your chosen file format.

As long as you aren’t trying to get HD videos on your phone, it only takes a couple of seconds for content to be installed on your device. It is also possible to download multiple videos concurrently. If you lose internet connection, the app will resume any active downloads, rather than starting them again.


TubeMate can detect if you are attempting to download copyrighted material, i.e., official music videos, and will prevent you from downloading files of this type.

Once you have downloaded some content, TubeMate gives you some options for playback. It contains a built-in media player so you can watch your videos from within the app. The media player only has basic controls but works well in most cases.

You can also cast your video playback to an external device, such as your TV or games console. Casting is an unusual feature to be included in this app, due to the fact that this piece of software is a free download.

Youtube Downloader

Plenty of Useful Features

Tubemate Download For Windows 10

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It is little wonder that TubeMate is one of the most popular video downloaders for Android. It has an impressive feature set, and user-friendly interface, which was redesigned. However, it is no longer possible to download copyrighted music from Youtube, which will be a disappointment to some, but, understandably, the developers have taken this stance. Considering that this piece of software is available for free, has multiple download options and features like in-app playback and screen-casting, it is still well worth installing.